Creative use of surplus beer at Munich airport brewery: Airbräu brewmaster turns beer into high quality beer gin


The Corona crisis affected and continues to affect breweries within the restaurant sector in particular. During the lockdown, the beer taps in the pubs came to a standstill. This was also the case at Munich Airport’s popular Airbräu brewery. Instead of simply pouring away 4,000 litres of leftover Airbräu beer, the brewmaster René Jacobsen made a virtue out of necessity. He developed a gin-style beer spirit under the brand name “Mountain Hub Distillers” in cooperation with the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. Distilling Airbräu beer with selected so-called botanicals resulted in the rich and aromatic “infused beer spirit”, which combines the taste of strong beer and high-percentage juniper aromas.

The lovingly handcrafted, limited edition of the beer gin was distilled at the Huber fruit distillery in Langenpreising. From the 4,000 litres of beer, a total of almost 300 litres of exclusively distilled beer gin was produced. The “infused beer spirit” is now available at Munich Airport’s Airbräu, the Mountain Hub restaurants and the Hilton Bar.

For those interested in the manufacturing process or in purchasing the new beer gin at Munich Airport, all relevant information can be found at the following link:

Moreover, Airbräu beer is produced CO2-neutrally with 100 percent solar energy. More details about the airport brewery itself are available at

Munich – 20 September 2021