Approval of third runway at Munich can no longer be contested


Munich Airport welcomes ruling by Federal Administrative Court

Munich Airport welcomes the ruling by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, in which the court has now dismissed the six outstanding complaints filed by the environmental group Bund Naturschutz Bayern and five private individuals. The plaintiffs had filed motions with the Leipzig court following the rejection of their appeals in the administrative proceedings on the construction permit for the airport’s third runway. In a previous ruling on February 17, 2015, the court had already rejected motions filed by the district and city of Freising and the municipalities of Berglern, Eitting, Oberding and Fahrenzhausen. With the latest ruling, the court has now rejected all motions filed in connection with rejected appeals.

Commenting on the news, Dr. Michael Kerkloh, the President and CEO of Munich Airport said, “Today’s decision means that our construction permit can no longer be contested, which now gives us legal certainty for this vital expansion project. Ten years after the launch of the project, the highest German administrative court has now issued a final ruling, stating that our plans meet all relevant requirements in terms of project planning and under the law.”

The rulings of the Federal Administrative Court confirm the air traffic projections and the expansion requirements of Munich Airport. Contrary to the plaintiffs’ claims, the court has also concluded that the plans do not violate European guidelines on the protection of the environment and natural habitat. The court found the noise protection concept for the expansion project to be in compliance with the law as well as the air pollution assessment and the defined compensation regulations for residents of neighboring communities.

For airport CEO Dr. Kerkloh, the conclusion of the court proceedings is a decisive milestone en route to the third runway: “Now the final decision on the realization of this urgently needed capacity expansion project rests with our three shareholders. I am confident that they will use the opportunity to expand the airport to keep pace with demand and to secure the long-term future of our hub as a key competitive factor for the entire state of Bavaria, both in terms of business and employment. This project will set the stage for the future of our state. With this expansion measure we can ensure that the Bavarian population and the companies located here will continue to benefit from excellent links to all regions of the world in the coming years and decades.”


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