A security breach heavily disrupts air traffic at Munich Airport, Germany


The secured zone of Munich Airport, Germany was temporarily closed on Tuesday morning after a suspect was able to force his way into the secured area via an emergency door. The airport immediately locked down Terminal 2 and areas B and C of Terminal 1.

Meanwhile, police were able to catch a suspect. He is now being interrogated by the police while airport authorities are sweeping the terminals. At 11:15 (UTC +2), the screening area of Terminal 2 reopened.

A passenger that is currently travelling through Munich Airport commented to Aviation24.be: “This morning, I took a flight from Brussels to Munich and I landed at 07:30. I am now waiting to catch my flight to Oslo, Norway. It’s been three hours, it’s about time that things start moving.” Adding that the airport offered biscuits and water to the stranded passengers.

Air traffic at the German airport is heavily disrupted, a quick glance on Munich’s departure schedule: 67 cancelled flights, 14 delayed flights (raw estimates). Most likely, delays will affect the airport throughout the rest of the day.

Passengers booked on domestic flights can use the train. Passengers are informed via the usual channels.


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