Aviation regulator de-rosters ATCO following near miss incident at Mumbai Airport involving Air India and IndiGo flights


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India has taken decisive action by de-rostering an Air Traffic Control officer (ATCO) following a serious incident at Mumbai Airport involving two aircraft on the same runway. The incident, which occurred on Saturday morning, 8 June, involved an Air India aircraft speeding up for takeoff while an IndiGo aircraft landed behind it on the same runway.

Domestic Air India flight AI657 was en route from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram and had commenced its take-off roll, accelerating to lift off. Simultaneously, the IndiGo domestic flight 6E5053, arriving from Indore, crossed the runway threshold and landed. The potential disaster was captured on camera by plane spotters present at the scene.

IndiGo’s spokesperson confirmed that flight 6E5053 had received landing clearance from ATC at Mumbai Airport. The Pilot in Command followed ATC instructions and landed accordingly, emphasizing that passenger safety is their top priority and that the incident was reported following the proper procedures.

A statement from Air India is still pending. Strangely, no go-around was initiated.


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