flydubai Boeing 737-800 halted after attempting take off without clearance


On 2 December, a flydubai Boeing 737-800 (A6-FEQ) was attempting to take-off from runway 06R at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport yet without clearance by air traffic control. At the same time an Aeroflot Airbus A330 (VQ-BBF) was crossing the runway, the air traffic controllers quickly saw the possible danger and instructed the flydubai to abort its take-off roll. 

The pilots of the Boeing 737-800 taxied back to a parking position and continued flight FZ918 to Dubai with a delay of a little less than 3 hours.

The Aeroflot Airbus A330 came in from Havana, Cuba as SU151. At crossing of the runway there was a separation of about 2050 m between the two aircraft.


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