Aeroflot transfers its international flights to new Sheremetyevo terminal from January 2020



Moscow Sheremetyevo Terminal B

According to Russian press agency Tass, Aeroflot will start transferring international flights from Moscow to the new C1 terminal of Sheremetyevo airport in January 2020.

In his interview with Tass, the airline’s CEO Vitaly Savelyev said that “by the middle of the year, we will gradually have 260 international flights switched to that terminal. This will improve the quality of passenger service, reduce connections and increase the efficiency of production management.

Dmitry Kaygorodov, the deputy general director of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, said to Tass that the first flights from terminal C1 were scheduled for January 15, 2020. The capacity of the new terminal is 20 million passengers per year.

After terminal C1 enters into operation, it will be combined with terminal B.

Further expansion of Sheremetyevo Airport provides for a terminal C2 for 10 million passengers in 2021, and a terminal G after 2024, when construction will start.


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