[Video] Brawl breaks out at Miami Airport on Monday evening


In the evening of 20 December, a brawl broke out between passengers and airport police right besides the boarding gates at Miami Airport, United States. At one point, a person can be seen throwing punches at a police officer, who then draws his weapon inside the concourse.

Local police told NBC Miami that the officers were responding to an ‘unruly passenger’ who had allegedly taken keys to an airport golf cart and was uncooperative with an airport worker.

Two suspects have been arrested as a result of the melee, and the officer is reportedly being investigated over the decision to draw his weapon. Altogether, it’s the latest in a long string of violent air travel incidents that have plagued the U.S. in 2021.

Like airports across the country, MIA is seeing record-high passenger numbers this winter travel season,” MIA Director and CEO Ralph Cutié said in a statement. “Unfortunately, that passenger growth has come with a record-high increase nationwide in bad behavior as well, such as the incident this evening.”



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