Soon a cable car to bring passengers to Marseille Provence airport

Marseille Provence Airport © Dion Hinchcliffe —,

A first tranche of investment has been voted by the metropolis of Aix-Marseille for the construction of a cable car, planned to connect Vitrolles station to Marseille-Marignane airport.

After a conclusive feasibility study, the elected officials of the metropolis of Aix-Marseille have just voted in favour of a first tranche of investment of 3 million euros, according to news outfit 20 Minutes.

In the current state of the project, the future cable car is supposed to link Vitrolles station to the airport in six minutes, passing over the A7 motorway. A stop will also be provided to serve the Airbus-Helicopter site, where up to 18,000 people work. The cable car would make it easier to reach the airport, which is currently accessible essentially by bus. The metropolis of Aix-Marseille expects a total of 3,600 daily users.



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