Turkish Airlines and Ryanair aircraft clip wings at Malta Airport


On 17 January, two aircraft clipped wings at Malta Airport: a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 (EI-DHW on flight FR9874) that just landed from a flight from Bari, Italy was taxiing towards  Apron 9 via taxiway C, while a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-JHM on flight TK1372) was awaiting take-off clearance towards Istanbul on taxiway D to backtrack runway 13.

The impact between the wing tip of the Ryanair aircraft and the tail stabiliser of the Turkish Airlines aircraft resulted in minor damage.

Tomoshige Ohno (Twitter: @tm_ohno), one of the passengers on the Turkish Airlines flight reports: “I was taking the particular flight heading to Istanbul. Some passengers including me felt a small shock during taxi.”

Nobody got injured during the mishap. Both aircraft are currently still on the ground. The outbound flight to Bari was operated later by another Ryanair aircraft based in Malta.


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