A new airport for low-cost carriers planned at Madrid for 2023


Business conglomerate Air City Madrid Sur is planning for 2023 a new airport intended mainly for low-cost airlines. It would be located at Casarrubios del Monte, 30 kilometres south-west of Madrid, and would become the Spanish capital’s second airport.

At the moment, the regional authorities of Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid are waiting for the green light. The border between the two regions crosses the airport. As soon as the authorisation is granted, work can start in 2020 and the first commercial flight will be able to land at the new airport in 2023.

It is expected that 300,000 travellers will use this airport during the first year. After ten years, 55,000 flights and 7 million passengers should be transported annually via this airport. According to the investors, the airport will deliver 5,600 direct jobs.

There is already an airport in Casarrubios, opened in 1992 and currently used for training flights with small private aircraft.

An investment of 148 million euros is needed for the new airport. Air City Madrid Sur will invest its own funds together with other investors. ‘Not one euro comes from the state,’ according to a source at the company.

The investment covers the costs of purchasing the land next to the existing airport, the construction of a new 3.2km long runway, the extension of the existing runway and the construction of a control tower, a 15,000 square meter terminal, hangars, maintenance facilities and two connecting roads to the A-5 and R-5 motorways.

On this picture, Casarrubios airfield is seen on the southwest of Madrid and the main airport Barajas at the northeast of the Spanish capital © Google Maps

Source: INSpanje.nl


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