Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines passengers remain on the ground at Lyon airport due to lack of check-in staff


Dozens of people who had to take the plane to go to Frankfurt or Brussels were unable to board this Saturday (31 July) at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. There were not enough check-in counters.

Brussels Airlines flight SN3594 was scheduled to depart at 07:20 for Brussels, and Lufthansa flight LH1083 was to take off fifteen minutes later for Frankfurt.

However, approximately 70 travellers could not reach their destination because they could never obtain their boarding passes: there weren’t enough counters, which created huge queues.

Is it Lufthansa’s fault?

After waiting a while, the pilots finally decided to leave without all of their passengers. The plane to Brussels left at 08:58 and the one to Frankfurt at 08:29, according to the Flightradar24 website.

Asked about this logistical problem, Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport blamed the Lufthansa group, of which Brussels Airlines is part. “The companies manage the check-in procedures via the Internet and provide for the number of counters. The plane must have left due to imperatives, such as connections,” said the airport.

Source: Le Progrès



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