Flights at Stansted Airport have resumed after bus fire


Mr Miller said about 100 flights to and from Stansted had been disrupted and staff had made the right decision to cancel further flights after people were moved from the smoke-filled check-in area to the area beyond security.

“The safest place we could get them to in the terminal happened to be airside – that caused some conflict between the people who had been properly screened through security, and people who hadn’t.

“We couldn’t let anyone fly if we weren’t sure that they hadn’t mixed with people who hadn’t gone through the proper security protocol. While it was a very difficult call, I think [staff] made the right decision.”

No-one was injured but passengers described an atmosphere of confusion in the aftermath as flight details disappeared from departure boards.

Extra flights are scheduled and airport bosses apologised but said cancelling departures was the right thing to do.

Airport bosses have advised passengers to check flights with their airlines.

Stansted’s chief operating officer Brad Miller said the decision to cancel flights had been a “very difficult” one to take.

The blaze, which started at 16:20 BST on Friday after an electrical fault, “completely destroyed” the bus.

It caused smoke damage to “much of the front of the terminal building,” said firefighters, who had the blaze under control by 17:00.

Later that evening Stansted Airport tweeted that all flights up until midnight were cancelled and passengers were asked to leave the airport.

Source: BBC News


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