London Heathrow Airport announces record 4.2% passenger growth in January


•    Heathrow welcomed a record 5.74 million passengers in January (+4.2%) alongside a 4.4% growth in cargo volumes.

•    Heathrow has seen growth accelerate in recent months, suggesting economic resilience as the UK adapts to Brexit.

December (+4.4%) and January (+4.2%) saw the fastest year-on-year passenger growth for those months in 6 years. The rate of growth for passengers and cargo more than doubled in the second half of 2016 over the first half of the year. Furthermore, since the referendum vote, passenger flows outside the EU (+2.3%) have been growing more than twice as fast as growth with EU markets (+0.9%).

A British Airways Boeing 747 takes off with T5 in the background, Heathrow, UK, 28 April 2010
(Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

•    Heathrow’s expansion programme passed its first delivery milestone on schedule as the Government published its draft National Policy Statement (‘NPS’) on a third runway at the UK’s hub.

•    Heathrow fulfilled its pledge to families and businesses across Britain by cutting domestic charges by over a third – saving over £500m in airport charges.  The discount is a key part of Heathrow’s plan to encourage growth outside London by making it cheaper to travel beyond the capital. Airlines are already responding to the new discounted charges with Flybe launching at Heathrow with routes to Aberdeen and Edinburgh from March.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said:

“With record passenger numbers and cargo growth in January, Heathrow continues to serve the UK.  We are getting on with our expansion programme, so that we can create the new routes that will deliver the Prime Minister’s vision of a global Britain, as quickly as possible.


“The launch of the Government’s National Policy Statement consultation is a key milestone and we look forward to working with our local communities, airlines and the Government to ensure Heathrow expansion is affordable, sustainable and benefits all of Britain.”


Traffic Summary
January 2017
Terminal Passengers
 Month % Change Feb 2016 to
Jan 2017
% Change
Heathrow           5,739 4.2         75,908 1.2
Air Transport Movements  Month % Change Feb 2016 to
Jan 2017
% Change
Heathrow         37,125 0.4       473,383 0.3
(Metric Tonnes)
 Month % Change Feb 2016 to
Jan 2017
% Change
Heathrow       124,401 4.4     1,546,388 3.1
Market comparison
Month % Change Feb 2016 to
Jan 2017
% Change
UK              337 1.5           4,653 -8.7
Europe           2,189 4.4         31,829 1.9
Africa              278 -1.8           3,159 -3.6
North America           1,228 0.3         17,175 -0.6
Latin America              108 -0.3           1,225 0.9
Middle East              643 19.0           7,064 10.0
Asia / Pacific              957 3.6         10,804 2.9
Total           5,739 4.2         75,908 1.2



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