London Gatwick has reopened, but for a limited number of aircraft


London Gatwick’s runway is currently available and a limited number of aircraft are scheduled for departure and arrival, the airport said in a statement. The airport continues to advise passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline before travelling to the airport as departures and arrivals will be subject to delays and cancellations.

For 30 hours, the airport was forced to close the airfield due to ongoing drone activity. Meanwhile, Sussex Police is getting support from military experts to track down the drone user(s). Snipers and a helicopter also have been deployed, security forces are considering to shoot down the drones.


Extinction Rebellion, an international social movement that aims to drive radical change, through nonviolent resistance in order to minimise species extinction and avert climate breakdown, says they are not involved with the drones at Gatwick Airport: “We’ve heard there are rumours circulating. We remind people that our actions are always ‘above the ground’ meaning we stand by our actions, are accountable and take the consequences.

Major impact on passengers and airlines

Yesterday, the airlines cancelled 760 flights, affecting 110.000 passengers. A big impact just before Christmas Holidays.

Ongoing drone activity; flights at London Gatwick Airport remain suspended: “a deliberate attempt to disrupt flights”


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