80% of us now do ‘Digital DIY’ to save time at the airport


More than half of people taking a flight now check in online, according to London City Airport (LCY).

Further information

  • 4 out of 5 travellers now check themselves in for a flight
  • Use of mobile phone boarding passes up from 12% to 17%
  • Just 1 in 5 passengers visit manned check-in desk
  • Digital DIY means travellers are saving themselves time

Research conducted at the airport – the only airport actually in London – found that in June, 53% of passengers had checked in online and printed their boarding pass at home or downloaded it to their mobile phone, up from 43% the previous year.

Meanwhile, just 1 in 5 travellers (20%) used a manned-check-in desk at the airport – a big drop compared to the same period last year when more than 1 in 3 sought (36%) the reassurance of a member of staff handling check-in for them.

Self-service check-in kiosks have increased in popularity – usage at LCY has risen from 10% to 21% in 12 months.

The airport claims the findings illustrate the impact of technology on the customer experience, the desire of some passengers to save time and the increased confidence of individuals in taking control of their journey without needing the reassurance of human interaction.

Declan Collier, CEO of London City Airport said:  “These findings show that 4 out of 5 people catching a flight from London City Airport are now checking themselves in, whether online or via a self-service kiosk in the terminal. 

“What really stands out to me is the obvious confidence travellers now have.  You can provide all the technology money can buy, but your customers must want to use it.  Much like shoppers using self-service check-out tills, or even self-service check-in booths at hotels, technology in travel and aviation is giving people choice – choice to own your journey and the processes needed to complete it.  It is clear that air passengers have found the confidence to take control of their journey, save themselves time and do it their way in this digital age – a kind of digital DIY.”

Business travellers are the most likely to check-in online.  Almost two thirds (61%) of business passengers at LCY printed their boarding pass at home or downloaded to their mobile, compared to less than half (45%) of leisure passengers.

London City Airport has the highest proportion of business travellers of any UK airport – around 55% of passengers.  The airport is popular for its unrivalled location so close to Canary Wharf, the City and Westminster – all under 30 minutes via public transport.

The airport continues to set new records in passenger numbers and is currently investing £16m in redeveloping its Western Pier, which houses 70% of its departure gates.  The new pier will be 74% bigger, with a modern open-plan layout, 600 additional seats and space for new retail and food and drink outlets.

The airport also plans to develop its existing infrastructure to accommodate the next generation of cleaner, quieter aircraft, maximise runway capacity at peak times and continue to offer the best possible experience to customers. The plans include building seven new aircraft stands, a parallel taxilane, an extension to the existing terminal and a new arrivals terminal, enabling some 6 million passengers per year to travel through LCY to key business and leisure destinations across Europe and beyond.



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