Sistership Agreement between Airports of Thailand and Liege Airport


Yesterday, 30th of January, Airports of Thailand and Liege Airport signed a Sistership Agreement between Liege Airport and Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi airport.

This Sistership Agreement between both airports, major cargo players in Asia and Europe, is a pledge to exchange expertise and know-how, with focus on cargo development.

The signing ceremony took place at Asia Air Cargo Summit, where the international cargo community is gathering.

The Sistership Agreement is the first step towards a close cooperation between all the airports to develop cargo flows. A special focus is given to the development of perishable facilities and processes, to seamlessly connect the Asian and the European market in both directions.

For the development of an e-commerce gateway, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport and Liege Airport aim to create an international network of gateways. A lot of ideas are analysed to find the most efficient and strategic ones.

Liege Airport, 31st January 2018


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