Liege Airport’s CEO fired for serious misconduct

Mr Luc Partoune, CEO Liege Airport © André Orban

Luc Partoune, the CEO of Liege Airport, has been dismissed for serious misconduct.

The airport’s board of directors met urgently on Tuesday. It took note of the first results of the internal investigation carried out by the consultant Deloitte. This investigation showed about 40 offences and irregularities committed by Luc Partoune, such as fictitious jobs, rigged public contracts and corruption. These irregularities were deemed sufficient by the board of directors to dismiss the general manager of Liège airport.

Frédéric Jacquet, Deputy Managing Director, has been appointed as interim Managing Director. “A recruitment process will be quickly launched in order to provide the airport with a full-service Managing Director in the coming months,” according to a press release sent this night by the airport. “The most important is to maintain the confidence of all the employees and partners, who make the airport today and who believe in the airport of tomorrow. The social, economic and environmental challenges that await us are extremely important and must mobilise all energies“.

Liege Airport is a subsidiary of Nethys, a public holding which had itself serious corruption problems with its managers in the recent past.


  1. Ja Andre, zwijg over wat die man allemaal heeft gedaan. Voor zelfde geld mocht jij het gewoon niet posten.


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