Liège Airport invests €500 million in order to double air traffic by 2040


Liège Airport has greenlit a comprehensive development plan spanning 2023 to 2040, entailing an investment of 500 million euros. This ambitious initiative aims to double flight frequency and job opportunities, reaching 55,000 flights and 25,000 jobs, respectively.

The strategic focus revolves around transforming the airport into a versatile hub linked to rail, waterways, and air transport. The investment will primarily target the northern zone, featuring additional parking spaces for wide-body aircraft, approximately fifteen in number, adjacent to the runway. The initial phase involves constructing three 12,500 square metre unloading warehouses, to be leased out by Liège Airport.

Moreover, plans include constructing a maintenance hangar capable of accommodating two large aircraft like the B747-400, emphasising the airport’s strategic growth in managing director Laurent Jossart’s statements to Sudinfo.

Funding for this substantial investment—coming from operating income like landing rights and site rentals, supplemented by bank loans—will ensure self-sufficiency, as emphasised by Laurent Jossart, securing the project’s financial viability.


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