Liege Airport complains of being harmed by Air Traffic Control company skeyes


Skeyes harms Liege Airport

During the night of 25 to 26 March 2019, Liege Airport suffered from a new work stoppage by the air traffic controllers of Skeyes. Several cargo flights were involved. Since the beginning of the year, the air traffic controllers have already accumulated 12 days of protest actions, which cost the companies and companies present at Liege Airport millions of euros. Upstream and downstream, the supply chain is severely disrupted and customers (businesses and/or individuals) are adversely affected.

For Luc Partoune, the CEO of Liege Airport, this situation is unacceptable: “These social movements are hijacking all our customers. Behind each package, there is a customer. Skeyes no longer provides the service for which it is paid. It is totally abnormal that a minority of air traffic controllers endanger the economic activity of our airport, airlines and their customers. A pre-agreement was found in a joint committee and the disproportion of the actions carried out in relation to the stakes is incomprehensible. I am surprised at the focus of actions during the night, which proves a relentlessness against our airport. These actions must stop immediately. In the medium term, I plead for a regionalisation of air traffic control and for the privatisation of this service which cannot be interrupted in any case.

For Airports Minister Jean-Luc Crucke, the problems at Skeyes are recurrent and a minority of workers can not penalise Walloon airports: “Sweden and England go through a call to the market to control their skies. I asked the Société Wallonne des Aéroports (Sowaer) to study this possibility. The regionalisation of air traffic control is a serious path, especially as Flanders is favourable to that solution. I know that at the level of international law, it will not be easy to accept, but we cannot continue like that. Airlines need stability to work.”

Liege Airport, March 26, 2019


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