Huge financial compensation for families living in the area around Liege Airport


Families living in the area around Liege Airport and suffering from noise pollution caused by night flights, are entitled to a huge financial compensation, the judge of the Brussels Court of Appeal has ruled this week. The Court particularly targets the Walloon Government for not taking enough measures to contain the nuisance. Over 500 families around the airport filed a complaint about the night flights after the airport development in 1998, especially against cargo airlines TNT Express and CAL Cargo Airlines.

In a judgment of more than 400 pages the Court of Appeal confirmed the Court of First Instance where the Walloon Region should have carried out an environmental impact report in the context of the airport development. There was also a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, according to the judge.

The Walloon Region and Liege Airport must now pay the residents temporary damages between 1 and 45,000 €, TNT must pay between 1,770 and 10,625 €

The Cabinet of Walloon Minister for Airport Infrastructure René Colin has “taken note” of the judgment and the Cabinet will take “necessary measures”.

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