Christophe Bernardini steps down as CEO of Liege Airport before taking his seat


Christophe Bernardini should have taken the seat of Liege Airport CEO in September, after the dismissal of former CEO Luc Partoune for serious misconduct. But it won’t be so.

On 9 July, the Board of Directors of Liege Airport entrusted Christophe Bernardini to take the direction of the company. Bernardini is French, an engineer by training, and he managed MRO company Sabena Technics as well as equipment manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace until its incorporation into the Safran group.

However, Bernardini said Monday that he refused to sign the proposed contract for personal reasons, without providing further details. The information was confirmed by Marc Renouprez, the President of Liege Airport. Some sources say the parties could not reach an agreement on the salary of the CEO.

The interim management of the airport will thus remain in the hands of Frédéric Jacquet, who is a candidate for the function of CEO.


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