Royal Schiphol Group’s reaction to the opening of Lelystad Airport being postponed

The opening of Lelystad Airport is now officially postponed from April 2019 to “2020”. And because Amsterdam Airport has to limit itself to 500,000 movements, the problem for cargo operators will not be solved soon. For 2017, AMS had over 499,500 movements.

In 2020, Lelystad Airport will be allowed 4,000 movements. In 2021: max. 7,000. As from 2022: max. 10,000. For 2020, the 4,000 yearly means a maximum of 5 flights per day in and 5 out. Airport taxes at Lelystad thus will have to be minimal to convince airlines to move from AMS to Lelystad.

Both Schiphol Airport and Lelystad Airport are managed by the Royal Schiphol Group.

CEO and President of Royal Schiphol Group Jos Nijhuis:

Of course, I understand that the Minister has to put due diligence first. On the other hand, the Dutch aviation sector now has to wait even longer for a political and social decision made 10 years ago to be implemented. I find that [situation] disappointing”.

“The aviation sector continues to grow and people increasingly use planes to get to work or go on holiday. Lelystad Airport’s opening on 1 April 2019 was part of the solution to address that situation, which the Minister also acknowledges. Unfortunately, this will not happen now”.

“In this way, we cannot implement the selectivity agreed upon by the aviation sector, local residents and politicians in the Alders Agreement. This agreement was unified and indivisible. That means we will have to renegotiate a new agreement together”.


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