Kigali International Airport reopens on 1 August

Kigali Airport © SteveRwanda — CC BY-SA 3.0,

Rwanda will resume commercial flights to Kigali International Airport starting 1 August, a senior aviation official said on Sunday.

Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority’s Director-General Silas Udahemuka said the eight foreign airlines that serve Kigali have requested to resume operations.

These are Qatar Airways, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airways and the Kenyan company JamboJet, as well as the national carrier RwandAir.

Rwanda suspended all commercial flights in March this year as part of efforts to curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

In Rwanda, airport operators have implemented self-verification systems at check-in counters that allow passengers to check-in on their own without having to physically meet with ticket agents. Each counter is equipped with a disinfectant to prevent contamination when handling documents, and the counters are protected by visors.

The seats in the waiting area will be marked to indicate to passengers to sit one meter apart, which will allow them to respect the barrier gestures.

Arriving passengers will follow the same health security measures.

The boarding process will be conducted with due regard for Covid-19 security measures, and it will take place in small groups, starting at the back of the plane towards the front.

July 20, 2020, at 12:10

Source: APA News


  1. It’s weird. Indeed, SN Brussels Airlines has already been flying BRU – KGL – EBB and back for two weeks. The last flight was operated by OO-SFX.

    Alain aka Kazansky37


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