823 people evacuated from Kabul on a single U.S. C-17 cargo plane


‘The War Zone” reports that amidst the chaos on Kabul airport following the Taliban invasion of the Afghan capital the U.S. Air Force packed one C-17 cargo jet with roughly 800 people and flew them to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

RCH871 (reg. 01-0186), a Boeing C-17A Globemaster from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, took off from Kabul a few hours ago. The aircraft’s crew apparently packed what they thought to be around 800 people into the jet’s main cargo bay and flew them to safety.

It was later confirmed that the exact number of people evacuated was 823, setting a new record.

According to Boeing, a C-17’s passenger carrying capacity is officially 134 paratroopers, “80 on 8 pallets, plus 54 passengers on sidewall seats.”

In a separate story, shortly after another C-17 (02-1109) took off from Kabul, two people fell to their death from the landing gear (one circulating video, that we shall not reproduce, says 3 people).




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