Hong Kong Airport suspends remaining Monday flights amid protests in the terminal

Hong Kong International Airport © Wylkie Chan on Wikimedia

Hong Kong airport has decided to suspend check-in for all remaining flights on Monday due to ongoing pro-democracy protests in the airport’s terminal.

More than 5000 people are occupying the airport grounds in a sit-in against the Hong Kong government, accused of being pro-Beijing. China speaks about an “illegal assembly at Hong Kong International Airport“, adding that the country has come to “critical juncture” and that the Hong Kong protesters are showing signs of terrorism.

The airport urges passengers to directly contact their airline of travel. All passengers are advised to leave the terminal buildings as soon as possible. Please check with your airline for the latest information and status of your flight.

Before the interruption, the airport only allowed departing passengers for the next 24 hours with an air ticket or boarding pass to enter to the check-in aisles at Terminal 1. Airport security staff will be deployed on-site to assist passengers or airport staff to enter the area.

For Belgian readers, be advised that Cathay Pacific flight CX339 to Brussels is cancelled (and CX338 to Hong Kong). Earlier, the airline has said that it would suspend all staff members participating in the protests.





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