Anti-government protesters started their three-day sit-in at Hong Kong Airport


Anti-government protesters have kicked off their three-day demonstration at Hong Kong’s international airport as demonstrations enter its tenth weekend, several hundreds of protesters handed out anti-government flyers in more than 16 languages to arrival passengers.

Please forgive us for the ‘unexpected’ Hong Kong,” said the English flyers that were handed out to arrival passengers at Hong Kong International Airport, “You’ve arrived in a broken, torn-apart city, not the one you have once pictured. Yet for this Hong Kong, we fight.

To maintain the smooth process of the departure procedures of passengers and the terminal operation, only departure passengers with an air ticket or boarding pass for the next 24 hours and a valid travel document, or airport staff with identity proofs, will be allowed to enter to the check-in aisles at Terminal 1,” the Hong Kong airport authority said in a statement.

Demands have grown for greater democracy, resignation of Carrie Lam and “even keeping mainland Chinese tourists out of the city.

  • a full withdrawal of a proposed bill that would allow Hong Kong people to be extradited to mainland China
  • a retraction of any characterization of the movement as a “riot”
  • a retraction of charges against anti-extradition protesters
  • an independent committee to investigate the Hong Kong police’s use of force
  • universal suffrage in elections for the city’s chief executive officer and legislature by 2020


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