Possible air traffic strikes at Helsinki airport, beginning March 3


Air traffic employee strikes may affect Helsinki Airport’s traffic between 3-14 March. To get up-to-date information we kindly ask passengers to contact the airlines directly.

The Finnish Aviation Labour Union (IAU) has issued strike notices concerning the ground handling operations and security control services for the following time periods:

03.3.2017 at 14 – 19 pm
06.3.2017 at 03 – 09 am
10.3.2017 at 15 – 19 pm
14.3.2017 at 03 – 09 am

On March 3 the strike would affect the air traffic at Helsinki Airport.

On March 6 strikes would include also air traffic at the airports in Oulu, Vaasa, Tampere and Turku.

On March 10 & 14 strikes would include also air traffic at the airports in Oulu, Vaasa, Tampere and Turku as well as separate charter flights at Rovaniemi and Kittilä airports.

In case the strikes will take place, passengers are kindly asked to reserve enough time and to come to the airport well in advance.

The strikes will affect airport security control, and ground handling especially on Norwegian flights. Ground handling includes aircraft de-icing, luggage handling, check-in and gate operations.

Finavia publishes new information as soon as it is availabe and keeps this page updated. We kindly ask passengers to follow airlines’s communication, and if needed contact the airline directly.

Finavia will take every action possible together with the air traffic operators that the effects of possible employee action towards passengers are minimised.

The strike notice of Labour union Pro concerning possible strikes on March 5 and 6 for the cabin crew of three charter airlines TuiFly Nordic, Thomson and Thomas Cook has been cancelled.

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