Passengers arriving in Finland can again take domestic connecting flights


Matkustajia pukeutuneena maskiin Helsinki-Vantaalla

The flight restriction concerning domestic transfer passengers has been removed. Passengers arriving in Finland from abroad can again take domestic connecting flights.

The travel restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic are being gradually lifted in Finland. On 19 May 2020, it was confirmed that the flight restriction concerning domestic transfer passengers can be lifted. This means that domestic and international passengers arriving from abroad can again take domestic connecting flights.

The decision means that passengers arriving from abroad will no longer be directed to continue their journey within Finland by taxi or by their own means. Instead, they will be able to take a domestic connecting flight to their final destination as before. At the moment, international flights are operated to Helsinki Airport, Turku Airport and Mariehamn Airport. In addition to that, the airports of Oulu, Kuopio and Rovaniemi are open to domestic flights.

The introduction of travel restrictions in April caused significant temporary changes to airport processes and the passenger path, which we implemented quickly together with the various organisations operating at the airport. Domestic connecting flights being allowed is good news for passengers as it makes the journey to the final destination smoother,” says Ulla Lettijeff, Director of Helsinki Airport.

To make travel using Finavia’s airports as safe as possible, passengers must pay attention to good hand and coughing hygiene and maintain a safe distance from others. Instructions issued by health authorities are displayed in the terminals of Finavia’s airports, and passengers are reminded of safety practices with announcements. Finavia recommends that passengers wear their own face mask at the airport. Some airlines, including Finnair, require passengers to wear face masks also during flights.

The Finnish institute for health and welfare, THL, has produced written instructions concerning self-isolation and other current issues for passengers arriving in Finland. Arriving passengers are asked to self-isolate for 14 days. During this time, passengers are asked to avoid unnecessary close contact and movement outside the home and the workplace.

20.5.2020 at 09:20


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