Helsinki Airport preparing for Trump – Putin presidential summit on 16 July

Departing aeroplane in Helsinki aiport.
The President of the United States, Donald Trump, and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, are meeting in Finland on 16 July. The summit will affect Helsinki Airport’s operations through high-level security measures and other special arrangements. Measures will be taken to ensure that the summit causes as little disturbance to other air traffic as possible.

The special arrangements at the airport and its surroundings will be organized as a cooperative effort by multiple parties. These arrangements will ensure that the requirements set by the delegations of both countries are met and that all other air traffic can operate normally.

The summit is expected to draw a lot of attention on a global scale. Finavia’s aim is for the airport to offer first-class service to all visitors and to promote a positive image of Finland. The specific meeting place of the presidents has not been published.

Visibility over the airport may have to be reduced during the summit.

Published 4.7.2018 – 13:57


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