Goodbye, Junkers! Helsinki Airport’s legendary mini-aircraft moves back to the Aviation Museum

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The expansion work of Helsinki Airport’s Terminal 2 is becoming visible to passengers at the end of this year. As a result of the extension, the historic Junkers A50 Junior aircraft, that has been hanging from the roof of the T2 departures hall, was transferred to its original home at the Finnish Aviation Museum on Thursday.

Large elements are moved away from the terminal, so we can get the construction site running and passenger traffic to flow. Junkers could not find a replacement site from the airport, so it will return to the Aviation Museum,” explains Merja Haapanen, Head of Facility Development at Finavia.

Junkers has been a passenger favourite

The Junkers A50 Junior, manufactured in Germany at the end of the 1920s, is part of the Aviation Museum’s collection. The fascinating aircraft has delighted passengers at Helsinki Airport since 1976.


The aircraft has been on display in several other locations at the airport, most recently in the T2 departures hall, where departing passengers and other airport visitors have been able to see it.

Originally, Junkers became known in the 1930s as the aircraft of legendary Finnish pilot Väinö Bremer. Bremer used the two-seater aircraft to fly across Europe, and even to undertake a round trip to Cape Town.

Terminal 2 renovation project will cause changes

What other changes will take place at Helsinki Airport after the Junkers move? According to Haapanen, the next step will be the dismantling of the P1/P2 car park in January. Work inside Terminal 2 will begin at the beginning of 2019.

The dismantling of parking facilities will have the most impact on passengers, but we take our passengers fully into account during the renovation,” says Haapanen.

The entire Helsinki Airport development programme is due to be completed in the early 2020s. When finished, the airport will be able to serve up to 30 million passengers. Maybe, if it returns, Junkers will get to see the new terminal, too.


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