[Coronavirus] Helsinki Airport’s runway 3 closed until further notice


Runway 3 is closed until further notice due to the temporary decrease in air traffic caused by the coronavirus.

Take-offs in west and south winds only use runway 1 (22L) in the direction of western Vantaa and Espoo, which means that take-offs can use routes differing from their usual ones. Under these circumstances, landings normally use runway 2 (15) from the direction of Nurmijärvi or runway 1 (22L) from the direction of Kerava.

In north and east winds, all landings use the normal route only on runway 1 (04R) from the direction of Espoo and western Vantaa. Under these circumstances, take-offs normally use runway 1 (04R).

If necessary, runway 3 can be reopened quickly due to weather conditions and in due time as air traffic returns to normal.


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