Hamburg Airport temporarily closed after passengers suffered from respiratory irritation

  • Flights at Hamburg Airport were temporarily suspended between 12:32 and 13:45 today after 68 passengers and staff in the terminal suffered from respiratory irritation.

The terminals at Hamburg Airport were temporarily closed due to an incident today. Staff and passengers complained of nausea at the central security checkpoint. Around 130 emergency services personnel from the fire service and the German Red Cross provided assistance to some 68 people. The terminals and the Airport Plaza had to be evacuated. At first an air conditioning failure seemed to cause the nausea but in the afternoon a firefighter spokesman announced that an empty pepper spray (or tear gas) cartridge was found. (Update 15:45)

14 flights (6 arrivals, 8 departures) were cancelled and several flights diverted to nearby airports.

Passengers and staff are allowed to re-enter the terminal building, the first landing came from Birmingham and landed at 13:58.


Note from editor: updated 15:45 utc+1


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