Air traffic at Hamburg Airport resumed after a terrorist threat


In response to a credible threat received by the federal police via email on Monday morning, indicating a potential terrorist attack on the Tehran (Iran) -Hamburg (Germany) flight, authorities took swift and decisive action. The spokesperson for the police informed the German press agency dpa that the threat was treated with utmost seriousness.

As a precautionary measure, all air traffic at Hamburg Airport was suspended for an hour and a half starting at 12:40 PM. Incoming flights were rerouted to Hannover during this period.

The implicated flight (Iran Air flight IR723 operated by Airbus A330-200 registered EP-IJB), which had originated from Tehran, which was met by the German Air Force and touched down in Hamburg at approximately 12:20 PM. Upon arrival, the aircraft was directed to a designated area. The 198 passengers and 16 crew members were safely disembarked and subjected to standard security screenings. Following the passenger checks, both the aircraft and its luggage underwent thorough inspection.

Shortly after 14:00 PM, the airport resumed operations. Delays, however, are likely, the airport authorities warned.


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