Growing passenger figures for both Antwerp Airport and Ostend-Bruges Airport (Belgium)


Antwerp Airport

In November, Antwerp Airport welcomed 20,532 passengers and that’s an increase of 32.4% compared to November 2018 (15,499 passengers). The reason for the new record month of November – a record since 2001 – is three-way: the success of Air Antwerp’s 16-weekly flights to London City, a higher occupancy rate on the charters towards e.g. Tangiers, Morocco and an increase of business jets (+13%). The airport highlights its on-time performance: almost 99% of the flights left the airport on time.

Ostend-Bruges Airport

In November, Ostend-Bruges Airport welcomed 21,936 passengers, an increase of 3.9% compared to November 2018. A series of charter flights of Belgian and foreign football clubs, more training flights and a higher capacity of TUI fly Belgium aircraft on the existing routes. The business jet movement increased by 30%.



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