Traffic figures February 2017 at Frankfurt Airport: Passenger growth trend continues


FRA posts new February passenger record – Cargo tonnage also continues to rise – Traffic figures impacted by leap-year effect

In February 2017, more than four million passengers passed through Frankfurt Airport (FRA) – exceeding the previous February record achieved in 2016 by some 38,500 passengers (up 1.0 percent).  Thus, the passenger growth trend experienced during the last three months at FRA also continued in the reporting month, despite the special effect resulting from the additional leap day in February 2016.  Without this leap-year effect, passenger numbers at FRA would have seen even faster growth of 4.9 percent.  Cargo throughput also maintained its growth momentum, rising by 1.3 percent to 161,765 metric tons in February 2017.  Accumulated maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) declined by 5.3 percent year-on-year to about 2.1 million metric tons, while the number of aircraft movements contracted by 4.1 percent to a total of 32,706 takeoffs and landings.  The decline of MTOWS and aircraft movements is largely attributable to the leap-year effect.

Fraport’s international airport portfolio reported the following traffic performance in February 2017.  Ljubljana Airport (LJU) in Slovenia achieved a noticeable 15.4 percent rise in traffic to 89,995 passengers.  At Lima Airport (LIM) in the Peruvian capital, traffic advanced by 5.9 percent to almost 1.6 million passengers.  The Fraport Twin Star airports of Varna (VAR) and Burgas (BOJ) on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, combined, welcomed 37,614 passengers, up 7.9 percent year-on-year.  With 601,202 air travelers, Antalya Airport (AYT) on the Turkish Riviera registered a decline of 9.4 percent year-on-year.  Hanover Airport (HAJ) in northern Germany also saw traffic drop by 6.7 percent to 285,906 passengers.  Pulkovo Airport (LED) in St. Petersburg, Russia, reported a noticeable 26.4 percent jump in traffic to 887,703 passengers.  In China, Xi’an Airport (XIY) recorded a strong 10.4 percent surge in traffic to 3.2 million passengers in the reporting month.



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