Innovative transit hotel debuts at Frankfurt Airport


Germany’s first “MY CLOUD” transit hotel opens its doors at Gate Z25

Germany’s first transit hotel, located at Gate Z 25 in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport, opened for business on March 6, 2017. Its proximity to the departure gates lets transit passengers stay at the hotel without having to leave the security zone and then quickly and conveniently board their onward flights. And in contrast to conventional hotels, they can book rooms for only a few hours if they like.

The MY CLOUD Hotel features 59 modern, stylishly decorated rooms that are ideal for resting and freshening up. Each one is furnished with a comfortable bed, a desk and a stool and includes a separate bathroom with shower, free Wi-Fi, and an infotainment system with a digital date calendar that reminds guests when it’s time to board the plane. The reception desk is staffed around the clock, and tasty sandwiches as well as other snacks and beverages can be conveniently purchased from a vending machine.

This hotel is more than simply another addition to our wide range of offerings,” says Christian Balletshofer, who heads Fraport AG’s Real Estate & Properties department. “It is a genuine innovation that delivers exactly what many of our customers want. The hotel’s rooms are designed to let them relax and enjoy their time at the airport in privacy.

Panoramic plate-glass windows extending up from the floor provide an impressive view of the airfield to help make passengers’ layover at Frankfurt Airport as pleasant as possible. And flexible booking with a minimum stay of only three hours lets them take advantage of this service very spontaneously. “This hotel project has the character of a startup,” stresses Georg Huckestein, the managing director of the company Hering Service GmbH, which has invested in the hotel and is now running it.

The new hotel extends the palette of services available to passengers in the transit zone of Frankfurt Airport, allowing them to avoid having to clear immigration should they require accommodation.

Passengers can find more information about the transit hotel and reservation options on the Frankfurt Airport travel homepage and under

The airport’s operator, Fraport, coined the slogan “Gute Reise! We make it happen” to stress its consistent focus on serving passengers and meeting their individual needs and wishes. Fraport is committed to regularly introducing new services and facilities to improve the customer experience at Germany’s most important transportation hub.



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