Heat wave: Frankfurt airport’s mobile drinks service helps airport staff stay cool

The heat is on at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) as the “Annelie” high-temperature weather system moves through Germany, including the central state of Hesse where Frankfurt is located.  The rising temperatures on the airport apron pose an extra challenge for the already strenuous job of aircraft handling.  With temperatures expected to hit 39 degrees Celsius this coming weekend, Fraport AG’s mobile drinks service is a real thirst-quencher and helps staff to keep cool.  On the open areas of the apron, which do not offer any shaded protection, temperatures can surge to over 60 degrees Celsius – with the concrete apron reflecting both the sun’s rays and heat.

To keep staff supplied with liquids under these extreme temperature conditions, Fraport deploys five drinks trucks around the airport to offer free drinks like cold multivitamin juice, lemonade and water, as well as warm tea and bouillon soup.  When temperatures are rising sharply above 30 degrees Celsius – like now – employees soak up some 1,000 liters of liquids per day from the mobile drinks service.  This does not include the additional drinks that employees bring from home or get in airport canteens.

While working out on the apron, employees also wear protective clothing like long trousers, sturdy shoes, safety hats, and gloves. Along with refreshments, Fraport also provides apron staff with sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to protect from the rays of the sun on bright clear days at Germany’s leading airport gateway.



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