A new eye-catcher at FRA’s Terminal 1: 360-meter graffiti artwork depicting Frankfurt’s landmarks and highlights


Artist Helge Steinmann’s graffiti mural brings colour to Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) recently unveiled a new eye-catching graffiti artwork created by celebrated artist Helge “Bomber” Steinmann on a 320-meter wall adjacent to FRA’s bus station across from Terminal 1. The artist presents his views of Frankfurt in 15 different images, each between 15 and 20 meters wide. The Römer city hall and Alte Oper (Old Opera) concert hall are among the images. And of course, an homage to the Eintracht Frankfurt soccer team and the zoo is a must as well. Frankfurt’s unique skyline painted on an integrated bridge pylon presents the core element of this graffiti mural. The somewhat unusual piece of artwork culminates in a depiction of Frankfurt Airport at the eastern end of the mural.

Fraport AG (FRA’s operating company) views the mural as a celebration of the city of Frankfurt, which is where the company is at home. Guests from all over the globe need take only one look at the mural to immediately recognize that they have arrived at Frankfurt. Opinions may differ regarding the style (as with any work of art) but whatever the case, this graffiti is most certainly an unusual eye-catcher, lending the airport a generous touch of distinctive local color. The mural is yet another element of Frankfurt Airport’s “Great to have you here!” service quality program launched by Fraport AG with the aim of continually enhancing the travel experience at Germany’s largest aviation hub.

The artwork was created and produced by celebrated graffiti artist Helge “Bomber” Steinmann. As the founder of the world’s first graffiti and urban-art agency, Steinmann developed the “Graffiti Academy,” an organization offering workshops at schools. The rather sketch-like style in which he has designed the mural at FRA’s bus station bridges the gap between classical graffiti and modern illustration.



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