For the second time in a week, Eindhoven Airport’s baggage system fails to operate


This morning, Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands suffered a malfunction of its baggage system. Some passengers missed their flight. Aircraft also departed without all the luggage.

Due to the malfunction, all suitcases had to be processed manually. “A time consuming procedure,” said an airport spokesperson to Dutch broadcast NOS. Indeed, airport staff transported the luggage on large carts.

Meanwhile, the defect has been resolved and the system has been restarted. Luggage that has been left behind will meet their respective owner as soon as possible.

It’s already the second failure in a week at the Dutch airport as on Thursday, the luggage belts were inoperative for hours. As a result of that defect, dozens of people missed their flight. Many flights were also delayed.

Eindhoven Airport’s twitter feed is only in Dutch as only Dutch-speaking passengers are traveling through the airport (pun intended).

Source: Bagagestoring vliegveld Eindhoven, passagiers missen vlucht


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