New scanners at Eindhoven Airport: liquids and electronics can stay in hand luggage


Passengers flying from Eindhoven Airport will soon be able to leave liquids and electronics in their hand luggage. Eindhoven Airport will replace the X-ray machines and walk-through metal detectors in its security lanes with advanced CT scanners (for hand luggage) and security scanners (for passengers) before the end of the year. All of the airport’s security lanes will be equipped with these sophisticated scanners by mid-December, making the security process quicker and more pleasant for both passengers and security staff. The CT machines offer far greater possibilities than the existing X-ray machines. The new equipment can in fact produce much more detailed pictures (360° image) of hand luggage. An additional benefit is that Eindhoven Airport will need to hand out far fewer plastic bags than presently.

Two of the eight security lanes at Eindhoven Airport were fitted with the new scanners back in December 2018. The remaining lanes will be fitted with them over the coming weeks. Adjustments will be made within the security area to accommodate the work during this period. The existing lanes will be replaced by lanes featuring the new scanners.


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