Eindhoven Airport to help airlines open new routes to specific destinations


Eindhoven Airport is launching a new tool called “New Route Support” to better align its destination network with the needs of businesses and residents in the region. This support is offered to airlines planning to fly to specific destinations chosen by the airport. Transavia will be the first airline to utilize New Route Support for its new route to Oslo, starting in February 2024.

Eindhoven Airport has a list of twenty eligible destinations for airlines to receive New Route Support, including Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Berlin, and Stockholm, among others. However, certain conditions apply, such as the destination not being currently served by an airline at Eindhoven Airport, and the airline committing to operate flights to the destination at least twice a week for a minimum of three years throughout the year. Destinations within 400 kilometres of Eindhoven Airport or reachable within four hours by train, bus, or car do not qualify for New Route Support.

It’s important to note that New Route Support operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are no additional slots available for this support. Therefore, airlines wishing to add a new destination from the NRS list may need to reduce the frequency of flights to current destinations or cancel some routes. The maximum permitted number of flight movements per year at/from Eindhoven Airport will remain unchanged with the introduction of New Route Support.

Transavia is scheduled to operate at least three flights per week between Eindhoven and Oslo, commencing on February 29, 2024.


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