General information about Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, the megaproject to build a new airport in Poland


Megaproject Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (or CPK in short), created by the Polish Government is aimed at the construction of a new, built-from-scratch airport to be located approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) southwest of Warsaw, which is planned to replace Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Many pieces of the puzzle to build the most innovative transport system

Given that the investment consists of designing a greenfield airport from scratch, the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny is the best opportunity to implement the most innovative solutions. One of the efforts to introduce modern technologies is participation in the Smart Airports project.

This is an initiative supported by the European Commission, bringing together 15 institutions from the aviation industry, including Copenhagen Airport, Rome-Fiumicino Airport, the Danish Institute of Technology and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The consortium is developing green, environmentally friendly, intelligent solutions for airports. The team, which includes representatives from the STH, is working on, among other things, developing sustainable solutions for fueling aircraft with biofuel and introducing electromobility, including the development of management and planning tools for infrastructure and systems.

Moving forward

In 2022, the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny company presented the investor’s variant of Solidarity Airport, along with the accompanying infrastructure. This was preceded by months of intensive work on the Master Plan and the EIA Report, covering a number of site survey studies (nature inventory, drillings, water and soil sampling, laboratory tests, etc.).

Contractors have also been selected in the tender for preparatory works, and tenders were launched for airport designers such as Master Architect, Master Civil Engineer, Support Infrastructure engineers and Airport System Infrastructure Designer. To respond to the upcoming needs, the STH company announced, among others, preliminary market consultations for the implementation of construction works for railway investments.

At the moment, the STH company is conducting preparatory works (e.g. feasibility studies) for 1,300 km of the 2,000 km of new railway lines. The whole railway part of the STH project should be completed by 2034.

In partnership with, Centralny Port Komunikacyjny regularly publishes updates about their project.


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