Budapest Airport moves forward

Budapest Airport Pier B


Last week saw Budapest Airport re-establish more than 25 routes, and witness the return of another five carriers, as the Hungarian gateway welcomes the recovery of travel and air traffic.  Boosting Budapest’s links to further major European cities, Aegean Airlines, airBaltic, Brussels Airlines, easyJet, and Luxair, have all returned to the airport’s runway.

Furthermore, as demand maintains growth, Ryanair and Wizz Air have continued to actively enhance Budapest’s route map, reinstating another 22 routes with popular destinations such as Berlin, Nice, Pisa, and Prague returning.

Budapest’s latest launches:

Airline Destination Frequency Increase (by August)
Aegean Airlines Athens Twice-weekly Six-times weekly
airBaltic Riga Twice-weekly  
Brussels Airlines Brussels Four-times weekly Six-times weekly
easyJet Geneva Twice-weekly Three-times weekly
Luxair Luxembourg Twice-weekly  
Ryanair Billund Twice-weekly Three-times weekly
Ryanair Bordeaux Twice-weekly  
Ryanair Gothenburg Twice-weekly Three-times weekly
Ryanair Pisa Twice-weekly  
Ryanair Prague Four-times weekly Daily
Ryanair Thessaloniki Twice-weekly  
Wizz Air Alghero Twice-weekly  
Wizz Air Alicante Weekly Twice-weekly
Wizz Air Athens Twice-weekly Three-times weekly
Wizz Air Berlin Twice-weekly Five-times weekly
Wizz Air Corfu Twice-weekly  
Wizz Air Heraklion Three-times weekly  
Wizz Air Ibiza Weekly  
Wizz Air Kutaisi Weekly Twice-weekly
Wizz Air Mykonos Weekly Twice-weekly
Wizz Air Naples Twice-weekly Three-times weekly
Wizz Air Nice Twice-weekly  
Wizz Air Palma de Mallorca Twice-weekly Three-times weekly
Wizz Air Reykjavik Weekly Twice-weekly
Wizz Air Rhodes Twice-weekly  
Wizz Air Santorini Twice-weekly  
Wizz Air Thessaloniki Weekly Twice-weekly


The progression of vaccinations, together with the introduction of the EU Digital COVID Certificate, is making our customers eager to travel again and we’re seeing positive results in the revitalisation of travel,” explains Balázs Bogáts, Head of Airline Development, Budapest Airport. “Airports are the symbol of progression, we hold a position that allows us to provide a function and service to move forward, fast: ▶▶. Flying gives us the ability to realise our goals, quickly, and here at Budapest Airport we work hard to keep moving forward, together, with our passengers and partners alike.”



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