Wildcat strike of security staff at Brussels South Charleroi Airport

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In the evening of 3 April, Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s security personnel has staged a wildcat strike, causing long queues before the security zone. Today around 11:00 (UTC +2), the security staff relaunched their strike actions by completely shutting down. Not a single passenger was able to enter the terminal building.

The workers demand better pay for the workload and the atypical schedules they are subjected to. They also want higher pay for Saturday, Sunday and night services as well as for their callback bonus. Normally the strike would only start on Saturday, apparently some of the staff decided to strike early.

Security agents could launch actions at Belgian airports as early as Saturday

New disruptions, today 4 April

Currently huge queues are forming, hundreds of passengers are waiting outside and inside the terminal building. On a daily basis, around 75 aircraft depart and arrive from Charleroi. Already a dozen passengers missed their flight due to the actions.

30 minutes of disruptions during the day, then evening disruptions (3 April)

As related by Twitter users and Charleroi Airport’s website, the last outbound flights of the day are delayed by 30 to 70 minutes.

This strike is the second of the day. Indeed, this morning already, the security staff struck during 30 minutes, because they were not satisfied with a draft agreement between the unions and management on weekend payrolls and callback premiums.



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