When DJ’s mix at the gate in Brussels South Charleroi Airport


In order to get the 2015 summer season off to a great start, DJs are disembarking at Brussels South Charleroi airport. Whilst some some will be headed for holidays in the sun, by the beach, to take enjoy the sea and sand, others will be headed to Ibiza, the party island, to take advantage of the clubs and dance through the night. To help them on their way, on Friday 3 July 2015, from 3.00 p.m., a DJ will be on the decks at BSCA, to give a taster of what holiday-makers bound for Ibiza can expect.

In partnership with DJ News Magazine, Brussels South Charleroi airport is proud to be able to give a festive touch for those boarding flights bound for Ibiza.

Jean-Jacques Cloquet, Managing Director of BSCA, sees the event as offering a contemporary touch: A DJ on the decks in an airport boarding lounge? A bizarre idea, isn’t it? And yet, that’s just what we’re organising! At Charleroi, we love modernity and we want to ensure that we work with this concept in mind. We are therefore extremely pleased to be able to offer our passengers a unique experience within our terminal before they board their flight to Ibiza! “

DJ News Magazine, for its part, is full of enthusiasm at the prospect of being able to organise the mixing event at the departure gate. Fabio Martins, CEO of DJ News Magazine, explains: “This is the first time for us and a crazy gamble at the same time! We are really happy to be able to collaborate with Charleroi airport because by creating this event, the magazine wants to develop unexpected projects that offer passengers an ever more enjoyable travel experience. 


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