Status quo for Brussels South Charleroi Airport in May 2016: 649,810 passengers travelled through Charleroi


Now that May 2016 has come to an end, Brussels South Charleroi Airport can announce almost exactly the same results as those seen in 2015. During the month, 649,810 passengers crossed the tarmac of BSCA, compared with 647,720 in 2015, so an almost identical figure, with only 2,090 more passengers recorded in May 2016. The occupancy rate of flights at Charleroi for May 2016 was also exactly the same as for 2015, remaining steady at 86%.

Since the beginning of the year, the countries with the most traffic to/from Brussels South Charleroi Airport have generally been around the Mediterranean. Italy comes first in the rankings, a step up since the month of April, followed by Spain, France and Morocco. Poland, a fantastic destination for city breaks and exploring, completes the top 5 countries in terms of traveller numbers.

Jean-Jacques Cloquet, Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s CEO, hesitantly applauds these results: “In May, Brussels South Charleroi Airport continued in a difficult climate. Operations at the airport were affected by various instances of union action, both on a national and a European level. The proactive response and professionalism of the staff at Brussels South Charleroi Airport and its partners helped to minimise the impact on the airport and its activities. We managed to maintain a steady number of passengers compared with 2015.”

Charleroi, 10 June 2016


  1. Is this due to the strikes like they claim, or more due to the fall out from the terror attacks on Belgium, in March? Remember their figures for April may have been artificially inflated by a shift of traffic from BRU towards them, but now that BRU is back open, they may start to feel lower demand, especially as the leisure segment is the most severely hit, according to several economic sources. Will be most interesting to see BRU’s figures for May…


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