Security is everybody’s business: Brussels South Charleroi Airport launches a new awareness-raising campaign


Following the terrorist attack on Belgium on 22 March 2016, Brussels South Charleroi Airport and its security subsidiary, BSCA Security, have been actively working on airport security. Following on from the immediate measures taken at the time of the attack, the different security systems and processes have been reassessed to ensure maximum security levels. Today, 22 March 2018, an awareness-raising campaign aimed at all users of the airport (passengers, companions and members of staff) has been launched. The goal is to encourage people to report any suspicious behaviour or object via the freephone number 0800/13.7.13.

Belgium has not been spared by the terrorist attacks. The sad events that took place on our soil on 22 March 2016 changed the perception of security in general, including airport security. Brussels South Charleroi Airport implemented immediate security measures to guarantee everybody’s safety, as well as that of facilities. The old Express car park was closed to traffic to create a huge pre-control area, and barriers and roadblocks were installed on roads leading to the buildings. The human resources in place ahead of the terminals were also reinforced. Other new security measures will be put in place very soon.
Brussels South Charleroi Airport sees security as its number 1 priority.

Today, the 22 March, marks the launch of a new measure in collaboration with the Police, SPW, BSCA Security and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. This awareness-raising campaign focusing on security is aimed at all users of the airport, as security is everybody’s business. A poster campaign has been put in place to tell everybody about the freephone telephone number to call if they witness any suspicious behaviour or objects. Various audio messages will also be broadcast in the terminals and surrounding areas, like the car parks.

Jean-Jacques CLOQUET, CEO of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: “We could not forget the events that took place two years ago. They literally changed the way we look at airport security. We can nevertheless highlight the proactive approach taken by our teams, in collaboration with all those responsible for ensuring everybody’s safety. With this campaign, we want to further raise the awareness of our users, as well as members of staff, about paying attention and remaining vigilant, as we are all involved.”

Charleroi, 22 March 2018


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