Refuting the article published in Sudpresse: The vandalised car was not in a car park next to Brussels South Charleroi Airport


Following on from the article published in Sudpresse about the story reported by Het Nieuwsblad, Brussels South Charleroi Airport would like to clarify the situation. The car involved was parked in a car park located about ten kilometres from Brussels South Charleroi Airport; this is not one of the official car parks offered by BSCA. The airport would therefore like to inform passengers of the dangers of these pirate car parks located on the outskirts of the airport area.   

On Tuesday 3 May 2016, Sudpresse reported the story published by Het Nieuwsblad about “a new car vandalised in a car park next to Charleroi airport”. Brussels South Charleroi Airport would like to clarify that this car park, which is not provided by BSCA and is not official, is located outside the airport zone. According to the article, the car park in question is located alongside the road between Courcelles and Gosselies, around ten kilometres from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Many pirate car parks have sprung up around the airport, at the expense of the security of passengers’ cars. Brussels South Charleroi Airport offers a wide range of parking options to suit its customers. They vary according to the length of stay and passengers’ budgets. The parking options available in car parks belonging to Brussels South Charleroi Airport can be found on its website at

The article also mentions the fear of staff working at the airport and reports: “According to Het Nieuwsblad, the airport staff are complaining about the lack of security in this area.” BSCA would officially like to refute this. Vehicles belonging to members of staff are parked within the BSCA site. No member of staff, for the purposes of their job, will need to park their vehicle at a distance of some ten kilometres away from the airport. The unfounded nature of this report is clear given the distance of the car park from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Jean-Jacques Cloquet, BSCA’s CEO, is keen to explain the statements made in the article and clarify that it is important to be careful when choosing a car park for a trip abroad: “These statements are objectionable and we find it regrettable that our name has been associated with the practices of these kinds of car parks and the lack of security they offer. We have been combatting this issue for years for the benefit of our customers. We strongly recommend to our passengers that they use the official BSCA car parks. Three of them are available for travellers, at prices that vary according to the length of stay. The options provided by BSCA can be explored and booked online on the Charleroi airport website.

The article published in Sudpresse can be read at the following address:

Charleroi, 4 May 2016


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