Philippe Verdonck takes on his new role as Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport


Appointed on 28 February by the Board of Directors, Philippe VERDONCK assumes his position at Brussels South Charleroi Airport on Thursday 2 May. He will be officiating at the Press Conference in his role as the airport’s Chief Executive Officer.

Originally from Overijse and a graduate from the Antwerp School of Economics where he studied Marketing Management, Philippe VERDONCK fully understands the aviation sector, in which he has had a flourishing career spanning almost 30 years. Having worked for a number of different airlines, both in Belgium and around the world, he was chosen unanimously by Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s Board of Directors to take on the role of the airport’s Chief Executive Officer.

There are many challenges ahead for the new CEO of Brussels South Charleroi Airport. The airport is continuing to develop and is growing steadily. Results-driven and with experience of working in multicultural environments, Philippe VERDONCK plans to diversify operations and open up the airport more to connections, turning it into a major European and international hub.

Laurent LEVEQUE, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, announces: « Philippe VERDONCK boasts a solid understanding of the environment, combined with managerial qualities that speak for themselves. We are sure that he grasps the importance of dialogue within the airport, as well as the challenges that he will need to tackle as CEO in order to continue our airport’s development and boost innovation and diversification ».

Philippe VERDONCK, the new Chief Executive Officer of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, explains: « Above and beyond my experience in the aviation industry, I have also honed my skills in the sports world, and it is this spirit that I would like to breathe into the airport. Team spirit and collaboration are an integral part of my managerial vision. It is also important to continue with the airport’s diversification and growth to safeguard the long-term future of operations and jobs and thus consolidate the airport’s socio-economic role ».

Charleroi, 2 May 2019



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