Passenger numbers in Brussels South Charleroi Airport up by 9% for the first three quarters of 2015



With September already behind us, it is results time at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. We are pleased to announce airport’s figures in terms of passenger traffic for the last month. During the ninth month of the year, 655,322 people travelled to/from Charleroi. This amounted to a 10% increase compared with the same period in 2014, when 593,065 passengers passed through Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Aircraft load factor at Charleroi in September 2015 was 88.34%. September is also the end of the third quarter.  During the first nine months of the year, 5,317,581 people chose to travel through BSCA, i.e. a 9% increase on the numbers for 2014, when 4,894,009 passengers used Charleroi between January and September. The breakdown of the results for the months in question is as follows:


  2014 2015 Results
January 416,163 434,760 + 4%
February 405,023 432,403 + 7%
March 423,062 482,316 + 14%
April 583,267 623,901 + 7%
May 579,814 647,720 + 12%
June 557,500 598,368 + 7%
July 651,130 708,098 + 9%
August 684,985 734,693 + 7%
September 593,065 655,322 + 10%
Total 4,894,009 5,317,581 + 9%


The number of movements in the first nine months of the year, however, was down 4.62%, compared with the results for 2014 when 59,718 movements were recorded. The number of movements in 2015 to date is 56,958.


The five most popular countries for flights from Charleroi in September 2015 were Spain, Italy, France, Morocco and Poland, with the first two of the top 5 most popular destinations during the first nine months changing places. Between January and September, Italy was the leading destination, followed by Spain, France, Morocco and Poland.


The top 5 city destinations from Brussels South Charleroi Airport were as follows:


September 2015 First three quarters 2015
Milan (Italy) Warsaw (Poland)
Budapest (Hungary) Budapest (Hungary)
Warsaw (Poland) Madrid (Spain)
Madrid (Spain) Milan (Italy)
Bucharest (Romania) Bucharest (Romania)


There was a significant increase in passenger traffic to certain destinations in the first nine months of the year. This was due to an increase in seats on these routes out of Charleroi. The top 5 cities in terms of increased numbers were as follows:


  2014 2015 Augmentation
Athens Greece 8,886 87,770 + 888%
Prague Czech Republic 16,614 88,146 + 431%
Bucharest Romania 73,570 173,009 +135%
Warsaw Poland 162,374 245,233 + 51%
Istanbul Turkey 54,424 81,894 + 50%


The Management of Brussels South Charleroi Airport is delighted with this increase in passenger traffic in the year to date. Commenting on these results, airport CEO, Jean-Jacques Cloquet, said he believes that Brussels South Charleroi Airport has plenty of potential: “After a difficult year in 2014, we saw a significant increase in passenger traffic out of BSCA. This is the result of a major effort on the part of everyone. The 10% increase in September clearly shows that the demand is there and is high. The increase of 9% seen over the first three quarters is sizeable given the context in which we operate. Collaboration with the airlines continues and aircraft capacity utilisation is increasing. It is clear that the efforts made in different areas benefit everyone. 2015 is gradually drawing to a close; the end of a year in which two new destinations will be added to those available from BSCA, namely Copenhagen (Denmark – Ryanair) and Debrecen (Hungary – Wizz Air).”



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